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In Love...With a Face Serum. Let’s Choose One. And Then Layer Them Up!


Jana Potuznik

4-minute read

Are you looking for a miracle? For your skin? You deserve one. Choose the right serum (and learn how to layer it) and you’ll fall in love, just as I have. Because face serums simply... ROCK!

A product for better and for worse

You know the feeling when you’re in a particular kind of mood and just have to do some specific things to feel good? It’s the same for my skin. That’s why I use kincare tailored to my current needs. How? Maybe you don’t change your creams depending on the day. You might vary the face masks you use, but you don’t use them every day. But facial serums? One is never enough. And varying them according to my mood, and my skin’s, allows me to care for my skin on a day-by-day basis, as I should! 

A brightening serum changes a tired, grey day for the better. For busy days when you’re whizzing round the city, an antioxidant or moisturising serum is perfect. When I’m looking to put the brakes on my advancing age, I go for an anti-wrinkle serum... And you just have to love that variation, even if you’re not massively into skin care otherwise. It’s just good to have some basic information to hand about what to choose and how to use it.

Skincare for your skin, drop by drop

facial serum has a really high concentration of active ingredients and a super-light consistency that is easily absorbed. Even though serums are often more expensive, they are worth the investment. Serums are literally used drop by drop – simply tap three or four drops gently into your skin with your fingertips. 

Face Serums to Get You Started

How to use a facial serum

Serums should always be used on cleansed skin after the application of a toner as they can then be absorbed into the deepest layers of your skin (where cream could never reach). And yes, your face cream comes after the serum. Every morning and evening. In the morning I prefer a moisturising hyaluronic serum, a brightening antioxidant serum with vitamin C, a firming serum with collagen or peptides… In the evening it’s time for a nourishing anti-ageing serum with retinol (it’s not a fan of the sun, so if you use it in the morning, be sure to apply SPF), or a peeling serum with AHA acids or a regenerative serum. 

When You’re After Something Special for Your Skin

Once is never enough

How often should you use a serum? Daily. But that’s why you keep changing it. And why you learn to layer it. Because once one serum is absorbed, your skin can handle another because of their light consistency. What should you try?

In the morning, treat your dry skin with a moisturising serum containing hyaluronic acid and then a brightening serum with vitamin C. On the other hand, for oily skin you can also use a moisturiser and then a serum with niacinamide to tighten your pores. For mature skin, after it’s been moisturised, give it a dose of collagen or a firming serum with peptides. 

There are even special facial serums for men! Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate energises your skin, Biotherm Homme Force Supreme rejuvenates it and Beviro Forever Young Elixir combats ageing...

Think through additional serums

The facial serum you choose should be determined by the cream you use. Their active ingredients can repeat, or rather, multiply. But it is also true that too much of one thing is counterproductive, and the active substances of a serum or cream should complement each other. For example, if you enjoy using a serum with retinol in the evening, your night cream shouldn’t contain it. 

The Serums Which We Love in the Editorial Office

Which facial serum should you buy first? Start with a moisturiser. Then it depends on your skin type and its needs. Seek advice from a beautician or dermatologist.