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How to Pick the Best Primer for Foundation, Eyeshadow or Lipstick? We'll Tell You How!


Iva Davies

5-minute read

You can get primers for your face, for longer-lasting eyeshadow and for silky-smooth lips. There is a lot to choose from and picking the best primer to suit you can be quite a challenge. What should you choose and how do you use it correctly? We can also help you with your choice online!

Foundation primer

Foundation primer comes in many different forms and consistencies. From silicone-based smoothing, to illuminating and moisturising, to mattifying. So, in addition to better staying power for your makeup, it also guarantees a glowing, matte or smooth complexion. 

Primers can also be easily combined. A mattifying primer for the T-zone and an illuminating one for the cheekbones. A moisturising primer for drier areas and tinted, for example, to correct pigment spots only in the necessary areas. Just don’t be afraid to play around with prepping your skin. Beneath the primer, of course, you’ll need a proper skincare routine finished with SPF

What should you watch out for when choosing a primer? 

Before you even start thinking about which primer to get, take a look at what your foundation is based upon. Is it silicone, moisturising, or water-based? Silicone is actually oil and oil repels water. So you may find that if you use a silicone-water combination, the foundation will dry out on your face and create unsightly streaks. That’s why it’s always better to use a water/water or silicone/silicone combination.

Even then, you’re not completely out of harm’s way, because if you use a thick layer of silicone primer underneath your silicone foundation, the foundation may flake on your face during application. So the less is more rule still applies.

The Best Primers to Go Under Foundation

How do you pick the best primer online?

Picking a primer online can be a bit of a challenge. But if you read through our tips, you should have your perfect primer picked out in no time. Here they are:

  1. Determine your skin type: If you know whether you have dry, oily, dehydrated or sensitive skin, you’re well on your way to the perfect primer.
  2. Think about what your skin needs: Do you want to minimise pores, smooth your skin or get rid of redness? Is your skin lacking brightness, or have you got some to spare? Focus on primers in the following categories.
  3. Read the product descriptions carefully: You should mainly be looking for keywords that match your skin type and its specific needs.

It is also not a bad idea at all to read reviews of individual products. Look for those written by people with the same expectations of the primer as you do.

Eyeshadow primer

Eyeshadow primer is to prevent your eyeshadow from blending into one thin line on your eyelid after a few hours. Eyeshadow primers smooth the eyelid to guarantee longer-lasting eyeshadow and a more intense colour.

The Best Eyeshadow Primers

Eyeshadow primers can be transparent, nude or coloured. For everyday use, transparent or nude primers are more suitable. If you want an extra intense eyeshadow colour, get a primer in a matching shade.

The same applies for eyeshadow primers as for foundation primers. Don’t use too much. If you apply too much, your eyeshadow won’t last much longer than without it. Speed is also important when applying it. The primer needs to be a bit “sticky” for the eyeshadow to adhere well.

Lip primer

For the best lipstick staying power, use a lip pencil. But if you want silky-looking lips under a lipstick with really staying power, you won’t manage without a special lip primer. It nourishes, smooths and perfectly prepares your lips for the lipstick. Don't be afraid to apply it to your lips at the very beginning of your makeup routine to give the primer time to work its magic. But don’t forget to blot the excess in a tissue.

A lip primer is also great if you want to use a matte, long-lasting lipstick but know that it dries out your lips excessively. It adds a necessary layer of hydration and your lips feel more pleasant

The Best Lip Primer

Eyelash primer

If long, thick eyelashes are your dream, but mascara itself doesn’t help much, then you need to try using an eyelash primer. Eyelash primers are usually white so you can see where you’ve already applied them. Or you can also use a clear mascara (which can also be used to shape your eyebrows). Primers thicken, lengthen, nourish and care for your lashes and make mascara last longer.

For the Longest Lashes, Try These Primers

Now you know that you don’t have to worry about primers at all and that they’re great tools, and not just for making your foundation last. Which one are you going to get?