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Summer Black Friday at Notino: Don’t miss these offers!


Andrea Machajdik

4-minute read

Have you been on the lookout for a new perfume, a magical shower gel or a new hairdryer, perhaps? Thanks to Notino Summer Black Friday, you can get all your dream products with a discount of up to 30%. Just enter the discount code summer. So cheers to shopping from the comfort of your home!

Searching for the one

Are you looking for a new fragrance to keep you company during the summer days? Now is the perfect time to get one at a great price. Explore the world of fragrance with us at Notino, where you’ll find thousands of designer perfumesEau de ParfumsEau de Toilettes and body sprays. Will you pick a tried-and-tested classic from one of the bestsellers by the world’s most famous brands? Or do you want to explore uncharted waters? 

As the blog editorial staff, we love to try things out and that wouldn’t be possible without the Try it First service. Just order a product from the Try It First range, and we’ll send you a sample to try out free of charge. Before unboxing the full-size perfume, you can try a sample and decide whether the fragrance is what you’re looking for. And if it’s not, no worries. We will send a courier to collect the package and refund your money, including delivery costs (if you return the whole order).

Use our Notino Fragrance Finder feature to help you find the right fragrance for you and your loved ones. It will help you choose the perfect perfume on the basis of previous fragrances that you enjoyed or your preferred fragrance notes

Divine perfumes for HIM and for HER

Hollywood-style makeup

You can also take advantage of Notino Summer Black Friday to switch out old products from your makeup bag. Need a new mascaralipstickfoundationeyeshadow palette or nail polish? Not a problem! And if you’re worried about shopping for beauty products without trying them on, check out our Virtual Try On, which allows you to try out different shades of lipstick, blusher or even eyeshadow just by using your camera. 

Makeup that you have to have

Skin wrapped up in cotton wool

Day and night creamsserumsface masksexfoliators or even eye creams. All this and much more is hidden under the Skin Care tab, where you can now shop for your dream products at an amazing price. You can also try the world-renowned and popular Korean beauty products or repurchase your tried-and-tested dermocosmetics for sensitive skin. 

Best skincare products

New yet affordable hairdryer

Under the Hair Care tab, you’ll find countless shampoosconditionersdyes and styling products, as well as nourishing oils or even hair electricals. If you feel as though your existing hairdryer is getting old, or you simply want to replace it with a new, more powerful model, you have a unique chance to save with Notino Summer Black Friday. Aside from hairdryers, you can also get a good deal on curling ironshair straightenershot air brushes or hair trimmers and shavers

For the hairstyle of your dreams


Those who blush at the thought of going out to buy sex toys will definitely appreciate our extensive selection. Notino’s packaging won’t reveal anything about what’s inside even to the most curious courier. 

Toys for adults

All our shopping is done, and how about you? Do you have all your favourites in your shopping basket?