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Singles' Day: Make Your Single Life a Drop Sweeter Still!


Jana Krajco

3-minute read

Looking for an excuse to treat yourself to some cosmetics? I know I always am. “I haven’t bought anything for ages. I deserve something today because I’ve ticked everything off my to-do list. This is a great special offer, so I’m actually saving money.” These are my favourite ‘little excuses’ for some retail therapy. If you’re the same, we have a great reason to treat yourself: Singles' Day!

A celebration for number one

In many parts of the world, Singles Day is the biggest shopping day of the year. Unattached students in China started celebrating it back in 1993 as the antithesis of loved-up Valentine’s Day. As the years have gone by, retailers have also fallen in love with it, making it a global smash, with people celebrating with dances, karaoke evenings, and, above all, unrestrained shopping sprees.

So when should you be on the lookout for special offers and discounts? The date is easy to remember. Single Day is always celebrated on 11.11, with the 1s in the date signifying single people. What can you look forward to this year? 

Joyful fragrances

Fragrances that we receive as gifts may well be to our taste, but often we would have gone for something else. This makes a fragrance an ideal gift for ourselves. If you’d like to change your single status, go for a fragrance with notes of vanilla. It doesn’t matter which gender you’re hoping to attract. Research shows that its sweet, sensual notes appeal to everyone. What’s more, cosmetic brands have also fallen in love with this ingredients, so you’ll smell it in every other new product this autumn. 

The scent of seduction

Experience a night of passion

Your singles night might be so fiery that it makes all your spoken-for friends jealous. Now to find the right partner...Here’s a tip: have a look at our sex toys section. Because the single life is the best time to get to know every side of yourself. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about; just enjoy what you’ve been craving for a long time and be the best lover to yourself you can be. Invite one of our popular satisfiers or womanisers into the bedroom, or maybe one of our traditional vibrators?

For a passionate night on your own

A pampering day – and you’re in charge

If we’re honest, we sometimes put ourselves second in a relationship. We often can’t remember the last time we relaxed in front of the TV with a fresh pedicure and face mask. So take advantage of being single to pamper your hair and skin. A massage with a gua sha tool, a long bath finished off with a body scrub and a hair mask, an eye mask and a nourishing hand mask all sound like a nice way to spend an autumnal weekend, don’t you think? 

Pamper yourself on Singles' Day and beyond

‘You’ve got to love yourself first’ is maybe the biggest cliché of all, but isn’t there some truth to it? So make yourself happy and enjoy Singles' Day!