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Soothing fragrances for the bedroom. The herbal fragrances make it easier to fall asleep, the cotton ones bring a feeling of security


Jana Potuznik

3-minute read

Imagine your bedroom as a perfect oasis of calm, where you can enter and immediately feel your heart rate slow down, you automatically breathe deeply and relax... And fall asleep in a matter of seconds. An impossible dream? Not at all. Sometimes you just need the right fragrances for the bedroom!

Stress-relief aromatherapy

Every evening is the same. Body tense after the stress of the day, brain fried from finished and unfinished tasks. And what about the thought of the next day! Meetings at work. Exams at school. A lot of responsibilities at home. Instead of relaxing, the brain goes into overdrive.

And then you go to lie down and it doesn't work. One could use some rest! Only the more stress, the more complicated it is to fall asleep. Soothing fragrances can help. What are they?

Herbal relaxation works on everyone

If you can, go for herbs. Brew yourself some quality herbal sleep tea in the evening. You won't be disappointed with chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, valerian, but cannabis and poppy can also be added to sleep blends... 

And then welcome herbal fragrances into your bedroom. The lavender pillow spray works most easily. You really just spray it on and then let yourself be carried away by the sweet scent of lavender. An instant solution that's also easy to take with you on the go. Just like a relaxing room spray.

Pillow spray or room spray?

Ultrasonic diffusers for mixing distinctive fragrances

You haven't tried ultrasonic diffusers yet? You can mix different fragrance blends into them according to your current mood. And if you're wondering how to scent the bedroom in the evening, then lavender should not be missing among the essential oils for sleeping. Its harmonising powers are almost mystical! 

Of the oils, gentle lemon balm works well, marjoram oil is also surprisingly good at calming frazzled nerves (it also promotes calmer breathing), and if you can't stop thinking, drop vanilla or benzoin into the diffuser. 

If you can, buy only pure natural essential oils. They work and you know what they're made of - from raw nature.

Select your diffuser and essential oils

The smell of cotton, fresh linen and mountain air

Just remember where and when you sleep best... Is it in the mountains, in the forest, surrounded by that distinctive smell of fresh air? And don't you feel that falling asleep and the actual night itself are much easier when you have fresh sheets?

That's just how it is. Divinely soothing fragrances include the scents of fresh air, the forest, the smell of the sea, as well as cotton and freshly washed linen. They all work as fragrances for a better sleep. And the best part is that you can bring them into your bedroom through scented candles, sprays or reed diffusers.

Scented candles & co. for a restful sleep

Sophisticated fragrances for the discerning sleeper

If you're not a fan of simplicity and love sophisticated fragrances with lots of intricately put together components, you can dabble in those too when you're looking for your soothing bedroom fragrance. Or perhaps a fragrance to create an intimate atmosphere...

Indulge in a little bit of bedroom sophistication

By the way, a lot of these soothing fragrances could make a great gift, don't you think? For anybody close to you...