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Hairdresser’s tips on how to care for fine or thin hair. Would you try them?
3/3/2023Jana Uhlir
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When you hear the famous saying " Your hair is your crowning glory", do you look sadly at your limp tresses? You don't have to lament anymore, we have advice from our hairstylist on how to care for thin hair, what styling products and hairstyle to choose and supplements to take. Fine hair, own it!

What are the most suitable hairstyles for fine hair, you ask? What cut or style will suit it best? You'd be surprised, but you can start with a perm. “For clients with fine hair, it can be done, it's currently a returning trend. It's all about choosing  the right hair curler size, curl style  and topping it all off with the right cut," recommends hairstylist Nela Matýsková. 

"You can wear your hair wavy, blow-dried through a diffuser, volumised with a brush, use hair curlers or curl strands on a curling iron." On the contrary, dust should be falling on the hair straightener in your home. Why? If your hair is rather thin and fine, avoid ironing, as it loses its volume," explains our hairstylist. 

As far as hair goes, feel free to cheat

Do you derogatorily refer to your hair as "the few hairs on your head", yet you secretly long for a waist-length mane that Goldilocks would envy? If you really insist on having long hair, it is possible. "There are many types of hair lengthening and thickening techniques on the market, ponytails or clip-in extensions with which you can thicken your hair," explains Nela Matýsková. Be sure to ask for reviews of salons as well as recommendations, though.

The ultimate hairstyles for fine and thin hair

"Personally, I would recommend sticking to shorter cuts," she states. Straight mikados work well for fine hair, i.e. hair cut straight to give the feeling of thicker hair. "A pixie cut, or a short cut with fringe, also looks great. The hair will look thicker if it is combed forward," she adds. You see, even hairstyles for limp hair exist and create a whole lot of fun.

Pamper your fine hair

Forget about Kylie, be Marilyn

Do you have fine hair, are you struggling with significant thinning and are you thinking about changing your hair colour?  Before you rush to the hairdresser with a photo of Kylie Jenner, know that for fine hair, according to our stylist, it is better to choose a lighter hair colour. The sheen from the skin won't show through as much as with a dark colour. 

Styling products

We've got the haircut sorted, all that's left is to fine-tune the hair products. Are you looking for a shampoo for fine hair? A safe bet are hair products from a range designed to volumise and strengthen hair.

"The extensive range of products for fine hair includes sprays, hair milks, serums, emulsions and other products. Hair products for fine hair possess a unique formula that strengthens the hair and gives it volume without weighing it down. When styling, use hair styling mousseshair powders and hairsprays. On the other hand, I would avoid creams, strong gels and heavy oils," states Nela Matýsková. They will only put unnecessary weight on your hair. A personal tip from our hairstylist is JOICO

The essential boost for fine hair

Take care of thin hair from within

But it doesn't end with just buying the correct products and conditioning your hair in the bathroom. Are you bending over backwards trying to strengthen fine hair? In spring and autumn it is good to take vitamins for hair. This is the time of year when we are more prone to hair loss. "In addition, we have weakened immunity," explains Nela Matýsková and reminds us that the biggest influence on hair loss is long-term stress, postpartum period or illness.

"After about three months, the hair loss should cease and start to grow back. If the problem persists, visit a trichologist or dermatologist who will check your skin and recommend the right course of action," she advises. 

Make sure you are getting plenty of vitamins, minerals and proteins and take care of your scalp from the outside as well as the inside. "Massage it gently after washing, dry the hair well each time, rinse out products thoroughly and use the appropriate brushes and combs for fine hair," recommends our hairstylist. 

Did our tips on how to care for limp or very thin hair spark your interest? Believe that, with the proper care, cutting and styling, it will no longer be a pain, but a joy. 

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