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Why we are looking forward to the Year of the Dragon and what it will bring to our beauty routine (and more)


Jana Krajco

3-minute read

Horoscopes are a peculiar thing. Our lives don’t usually revolve around them, but we can’t resist reading one if we come across it. Taking a glimpse into the future is just too tempting. As usual, we couldn’t resist the urge and had to find out what’s in store for us (and our beauty routine) in the Year of the Dragon! According to the Chinese lunar calendar, it begins on February 10, 2024.

The Dragon brings hope

Are you hoping for positive news? Say no more. In the Chinese zodiac, the Dragon is a symbol of exceptional strength, prosperity and good fortune. And this year it’s also accompanied by the element of wood, associated with progress and growth. That sounds pretty promising. It’s an ideal time for new beginnings and important life decisions and you can look forward to a bunch of opportunities just waiting to be seized.

Tip: Have you had a specific dream in the back of your mind that hasn’t come true yet? Now is the right time to make the first step. But of course, you’ll need all the energy you can get on your road to success. 

Technology and a sustainable approach

And what happens if you let the Dragon into your beauty routine? It will help you get out of your comfort zone and finally give something new a try. The Chinese New Year is all about experimentation and innovation, and new technologies are emerging not only in the world of IT but also skin care. Have you ever experienced the power of facial cleansing brushesultrasonic spatulas or light therapy? Take the Dragon’s advice and give them a go. Modern devices are easy to incorporate into a ritual you’ll enjoy. With an LED mask on your face, for example, you’ll also have a great time relaxing (after all, you have to think about your mental well-being too). 

Take care of yourself with new technologies

The wood element, which has a big impact on the Dragon, is also good news for the environment. Together with the Dragon’s association with progress and all things new, an even greater emphasis on green technologies, renewable resources and sustainability overall is expected across all sectors. And you can follow a similar approach when it comes to your bathroom products.

Tip: Support brands that care more about the planet than they do about making millions. Minimise waste and disposable products. Focus on recycling packaging and try to save as much water as you can. 

Lucky colours

If you like the Dragon’s powers and you want to keep him on your side, use colours to help you. According to Chinese astrology, they influence many areas of our lives because they balance out important energies. Every year is associated with a specific colour and if you surround yourself with it, it will support your overall harmony. This year’s colour will probably be no surprise. Energy, ecology, innovation – you guessed it, it all evokes green, specifically emerald green. And if that’s not exactly your cup of tea, then rich red and golden yellow go very well with it. 

Tip: Add these shades to your wardrobe as well as your makeup looks. Because emerald green eyeliner, red lipstick and gold nails – that sounds like the perfect party look! 

In the colours of the Dragon

So what do you say? Will you let the Dragon into your life? Give it a shot; it would be a shame to let his energy go to waste. And if nothing else, it’s a good reason to finally start working towards those plans and dreams you’ve been putting off.