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Bioten Nutricalcium Facial Serum with anti-ageing effect
Bioten Nutricalcium Facial Serum with anti-ageing effect
Complexion typeWrinkles and Mature Skin
EffectsAnti-ageing, Anti-stress, Lifting, Replumping
When to usenight

Does it feel as though your skin needs something more than just the care provided by a cream? The Bioten Nutricalcium facial serum is the perfect product to enrich your skincare routine – it pampers the skin and delivers an intensive treatment. With its high concentration of active ingredients, the effect it has on your skin is far more pronounced and faster than with a face cream. Its liquid consistency makes application easier, as it is absorbed into the skin very well.


  • helps remove signs of skin ageing
  • prevents wrinkles
  • smooths wrinkles

BiotenNutricalcium Facial Serum with anti-ageing effect

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