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Goodie Rosa Alba BIO Refreshing Rose Water
Goodie Rosa Alba BIO Refreshing Rose Water
The product is certified organic.
Contains at least 85% natural ingredients.
Complexion typeall skin types
EffectsHydration, Calming, Cleansing, Revitalisation, Regeneration, Anti-acne, Nourishing
Allergensfree of allergens
Allergens – may containno traces of allergens

Something that’s just as important as the cleansing process itself is the transition between cleansing and the skincare routine that follows. The individual steps in these processes are connected in the ideal way and your entire routine is enriched by using a face toner Goodie Rosa Alba BIO. It takes care of complete skin cleansing, removing makeup residue, impurities and cleansers while gently toning the skin. It leaves it not only perfectly clean and ready for any treatment that follows, but also refreshed, soothed and balanced.


  • provides skin with hydration and freshness
  • removes impurities and makeup
  • helps prevent acne
  • soothes and protects the skin
  • restores the natural balance of the skin
  • leaves skin beautifully supple
  • can also be used on sensitive skin


  • no perfume

How to use:
Spray an appropriate amount of the product onto the face. Use at any time during the day.

GoodieRosa Alba BIO Refreshing Rose Water

100 ml

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