MontaleVetiver Des Sables Eau de Parfum Unisex

Montale Vetiver Des Sables Eau de Parfum Unisex
Montale Vetiver Des Sables Eau de Parfum Unisex
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Montale Vetiver Des Sables is an oriental woody fragrance for women and men. This eau de parfum by the French producer, known for its love of the aromas of the Orient and Arabia and their magic history, brings a creative interpretation of one of the most significant perfume-making materials - vetiver. Just like with any fragrances by Montale, Vetiver Des Sables eau de parfum was created by admired and rather mysterious Pierre Montale to originally evoke a miraculous elixir or a precious magic ointment.

The central component of Montale Vetiver Des Sables, an essence from Asian bunchgrass vetiveria, offers a distinctive dry and woody aroma. This multiform vetiver is especially popular with niche perfumes and Pierre Montale amazingly combines it with woody and spicy notes in the composition of Vetiver Des Sables. Vetiver Des Sables eau de parfum is a fragrance from the root of wild vetiver from desert (hence the reference to sand in its name) surrounded by soft chords of mahogany, in a harmony intensively lit up by Indian spices.

The vetiver, mahogany, and spices in the aromatic composition of Montale Vetiver Des Sables are complemented by sea tones that enrich its solid woody base with an aquatic aspect and provide this perfume with surprising freshness. Vetiver Des Sables is a highly innovative and original perfume which definitely belongs among the most interesting products based on vetiver. Just like every product by Pierre Montale, Vetiver Des Sables is created from natural materials of the best quality in high concentrations to ensure its long-lasting effects.

Montale Vetiver Des Sables is eau de parfum offering a fresh aroma with a distinctive, yet light woody base to enchant mainly those who love vetiver in a pleasant form very easy to wear. It looks like Pierre Montale, the founder of this brand and designer of all the perfumes in its portfolio, during the time spent in Saudi Arabia obtained skills of some oriental magician and designed a perfume built on the main theme of vetiver with oriental woody, spicy, and sea elements. A perfume you will never forget.

Montale Vetiver Des Sables is suitable for any season and thanks to its sea tones it best stands out in warm weather. An ideal day perfume. Vetiver Des Sables forever wins hearts of women and men who like oriental woody aromas with a chord of vetiver, mainly in innovative compositions. Everyone who appreciates a true quality in combination with originality should give this eau de parfum a try. Besides their amazing aromas with brilliantly balanced aromatic compositions, the perfumes by Montale attract attention also by their original packages. Their design will enchant you by its straightforward pure elegance, in case of Vetiver Des Sables underlined by its attractive, light, shiny color, and the flacons are unique also thanks to the practical choice of material. Pierre Montale decided for aluminium which is an original choice to ensure perfect protection for the perfumes.

Montale Vetiver Des Sables – an aroma of vetiver in the original design with woody, spicy, and sea tones.


Vetiver, Sea Notes, Mahogany, Spices
Fragrance category
oriental, woody

The French niche perfumes by Montale are noted for their love of fragrances from the Orient and Arabia and their enchanting history. Every bottle combines the mysterious atmosphere of the East with the passion of its creator and founder, Pierre Montale. Every fragrance by this original brand is literally an elixir of happiness.

Montale was founded in Paris in 2003 by Pierre Montale, for many a mysterious perfume designer who first spent some time in Saudi Arabia, where he created perfumes for the nobility and kings and queens. After his return to Paris, he began to create original fragrances.

He always selects natural materials of the highest quality, especially rare woods, for his fragrances. They often contain eagle wood too, known as oud. They are also often referred to as ‘liquid gold’.