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Notino and your favourite brands present your top summer essentials


NOBEA & BrushArt: Makeup that resists hot weather as well as water

The summer heat can really mess with your makeup, which is why you should trust the NOBEA waterproof mascara and a trendy matte lipstick that accentuates and hydrates your lips. A set of BrushArt brushes will then make your new beauty stash complete.

KORIKA & Saffee: For beautifully radiant skin

Help your skin handle the hot summer sun. A KORIKA sheet mask will brighten up your face and reduce sebum production. Pair it with a brightening vitamin C serum and a fantastic Saffee sugar exfoliator, and you have your summer beauty routine!

BrushArt & Souletto: Top body care

Prepare your body for the heat wave. A Souletto shower gel will gently wash your skin, nourish it and leave a lovely scent. An exfoliating sponge and a clay body mask with the scent of pink pepper and rice milk then ensure that your skin stays perfectly soft.

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