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BeautyRelax EMS Hot&Cold cosmetic device
BeautyRelax EMS Hot&Cold cosmetic device
BeautyRelax EMS Hot&Cold cosmetic device
Complexion typeall skin types

Do you want to change your approach to skin care and add a pleasant massage to your beauty treatment? You don’t have to go to a beauty salon immediately; the BeautyRelax EMS Hot&Cold massage tool takes care of facial massage as if it were done by a beauty therapist in the comfort of your home. The massage boosts circulation and faster absorption of skincare products, as well as your skin’s vitality and natural beauty. It also helps relieve muscle tension in the face, which contributes, amongst other things, to a reduction in wrinkles and a more youthful appearance of your skin. Enjoy facial massage therapy, improve the appearance of your skin and create a little personal beauty ritual of your own to look forward to every day.


  • cleans pores deeply
  • helps regenerate skin cells
  • massages the face gently
  • leaves skin smooth and fresh
  • firms the facial contours
  • improves skin quality

How to use:
For detailed information about use, see the enclosed instructions.


User's guide can be found HERE

BeautyRelaxEMS Hot&Cold cosmetic device


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