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Professional dental hygiene care, revolutionary formulas and great results - MEDIBLANC always guarantees you the feeling of perfectly clean teeth and reliable protection of the entire oral cavity.

The innovative formulas of MEDIBLANC toothpastes have been developed for all types of toothbrushes and all age groups. The toothpastes do not contain added peroxide or fluorine and are characterised by reduced foamability and low abrasiveness. The hight portion of 100% natural hydroxyapatite is exceptional as it naturally accounts for 97 % of tooth enamel and up to 70 % of dentine. As part of the toothpaste, the hydroxyapatite significantly accelerates the natural remineralization of the teeth and, unlike fluorine, heals deeper cracks up to the dentine. It binds the proteins of dental plaque bacteria and thus facilitates its release from the enamel.

Long-term and correct use of MEDIBLANC toothpastes also helps reduce tooth sensitivity and restore the original white colour of the enamel. Treat yourself to the feeling of perfectly clean teeth every day.

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