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Notino specialises in all things beautiful – we care about what’s on the inside, but we also love a gorgeous packaging. Make sure to turn your gift-giving into an experience and order luxuriously gift-wrapped products from Notino. It’s up to you whether you deliver them yourself or have them shipped directly to the recipient.

How to order our gift-wrapping service?

1.      Check the “Gift-wrap” option in your shopping basket
2.       Select your preferred colour
3.       Select the products you want gift-wrapped
4.       If you want to divide your order into multiple boxes, simply add more gift boxes and once again select the products to go in them

Something extra: If you order multiple gift boxes in the same colour, we’ll label them for you so you know which one is which.

How much does our gift-wrapping cost?

We’re asking a flat rate of 5 € for gift-wrapping. However, if you wish to put your items in several different gift boxes, you’ll have to pay for each box individually.

Will every product fit into the box?

The vast majority of products that we carry will fit into our gift boxes. We mark the exceptions with grey colour in your preview and you won’t be able to add them to the gift box. You’ll receive these items within the same order, only not placed in a gift box.

Would you like to have the gift delivered to the recipient directly?

That sounds like a wonderful surprise, and we’ll be happy to deliver the gift for you. All you need to do is insert the recipient’s address as the delivery address, and your own as the billing address. We’ll take care of the rest. Every order can only be delivered to one address. If you want to surprise several of your loved ones, you’ll need to place separate orders for each one.

Notino TIP: You can also add a card by simply clicking “I want to add a card message” and typing what you’d like it to say.


How many products can fit into our gift box?
We put a maximum of 3 products in each box so that it always looks nice and neat when the recipient opens their gift. If you want to have more products gift-wrapped, just add another gift box to your order. You can add up to 4 gift boxes to one order and select the items you want us to put in them.
Does the entire order have to be gift-wrapped?
No. It’s up to you which products you decide to add to the gift box – the rest will come without gift-wrapping.
When will the order be delivered?
We pay special attention to all gift-wrapping, so the delivery may take 1 or 2 days longer than usual.
Won’t the gift box get damaged in transport?
Don’t worry – we always place the gift box into a standard shipping box to keep your gift safe.
Can I return a gift-wrapped item?
Yes, the gift-wrapping service doesn’t change anything about our return policy. However, you can only return the products, not the gift box itself.
What if the service is currently unavailable?
The gift-wrapping is handled by a special team who can only do a limited number of orders per day. If the service is not available on a given day, you can simply order it the next day.
Do you add the invoice to the parcel?
We only put the invoice in the parcel if you’re collecting the order in person. When shipping through a delivery company, we send your invoice via e-mail.

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