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About Uriage

It’s been 2000 years since the unique Uriage thermal spring was discovered in the heart of the French Alps. The water of this spring flows through geological bedrock for 75 years and on its journey it acquires minerals and trace elements. The beneficial effects of this water with regenerating powers have been used since 1992 by the Uriage Dermatological Laboratories in their innovative cosmetic products.


Uriage thermal water helps soothe your complexion and the skin of your body, prevents dehydration, and strengthens your skin barrier. The water is packaged directly above the source to preserve its natural benefits.

Thanks to its benefits, Uriage skin care is recommended by dermatologists around the world and well loved by many customers. The water is so popular that one Uriage Eau Thermale gets sold every 10 seconds!

Some of the most popular products by this French brand are the Uriage moisturiser, Uriage Bariéderm which takes care of your hands, or the nourishing Uriage Xémose and the Uriage Hyséac cleansing toner. Also worth mentioning are the Uriage Age Protect rejuvenating line, the Uriage Roséliane products for sensitive skin, and the Uriage Bariésun sunscreens. Of course, we can’t possibly forget about the kids – Uriage for children offers a number of dermatologically tested products.

Try the beneficial effects of this Alpine water yourself. Your skin will appreciate it!

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