BiolageEssentials ScalpSync Toner to Treat Hair Loss

Biolage Essentials ScalpSync Toner to Treat Hair Loss
Biolage Essentials ScalpSync Toner to Treat Hair Loss
10x6 ml

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Prevent excessive hair loss. The Biolage Essentials ScalpSync anti-hair loss tonic prevents collagen from accumulating at the roots of your hair and keeping your hair from absorbing nutrients, which results in hair weakening and ultimately hair loss. If you dream of thick, strong hair, this tonic will make your dreams come true.


  • prevents the accumulation of collagen at the hair roots and subsequent “suffocation” of the roots
  • strengthens and softens hair
  • provides nutrients to the hair
  • significantly reduces hair loss
  • gives hair volume


  • patented ingredient aminexil – prevents accumulation of collagen

Hair type:
Suitable for all hair types.

How to apply:
Gently massage the contents of one tube of Biolage Essentials ScalpSync into the roots of dry or towel-dried hair. For maximum results, use one ampule every day for 6 to 8 weeks, or at least twice a week. For a lasting effect, repeat the treatment twice a year.

1 treatment = 1 pack of 10 ampoules


Hair type
all hair types
growth stimulation
Scalp skin type
all scalp types
Hair problem
thinning hair and hair loss