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Curasept Caries Abrasion & Erosion Anti-Decay Toothpaste
Curasept Caries Abrasion & Erosion Anti-Decay Toothpaste

The Curasept Caries Abrasion & Erosion toothpaste ensures complete care for your teeth and gums. It cleans teeth of plaque and food remnants while caring for the gums and mucous membranes in your mouth.


  • cleans teeth reliably
  • takes care of gums
  • prevents plaque

How to use:
Apply an appropriate amount of toothpaste to the brush and clean the teeth for at least two minutes. Clean the teeth at least twice a day with a quality toothbrush.

CuraseptCaries Abrasion & Erosion Anti-Decay Toothpaste

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