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Pastel Hair Dye

Pastel Hair Dye

Cheer up with a nice pastel shade and give your hair a playful colour boost. Pastel hair dyes come in a variety of shades that will look fantastic not only in the summer months!

Try the popular pastel pink hair dye that will make any blonde hair even more striking. You can also liven u your hair colour with blue, purple or green. Get the perfect results with pastel hair dyes by Maria Nila, L’Oréal ParisWella Professionals and many other brands!

You can enjoy your pastel hair colour for a few days or for weeks. It’s just about picking the right product. Looking for a temporary change of colour you can wear to a party or on holiday? Then go for a semi-permanent pastel hair dye, spray-on colour or nourishing colour masks. The last option will give you soft hair as well as a colour effect, and you can go back to your natural shade after a few days.

Have you decided on a more long-term change and are you sure that pastel hair is for you? Then pick a permanent hair dye to give you a more lasting effect than colouring masks. You won’t have to keep reviving your hair colour and you’ll be able to enjoy it longer. Don’t forget to take care of your pastel colour with hair care for colour-treated hair.

Prep well before dyeing your hair

If you’re not naturally blonde and you want to go pastel, you’ll first need a hair lightening product before you put on your selected hair dye. This will help you enjoy your unique pastel hair colour even more!