Purple hair dye

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Do you enjoy playing around with your hair colour? How about going purple? You can try subtle purple reflections or really go for it and give your hair a new and intense bright purple shade.

Unique purple hair colour worn to a festival or to work

You can see in the streets that purple hair is becoming more and more popular every day. Luckily, it looks a little different on everyone – plus you can pick from the wide variety of purple hair dyes available without worrying that you would end up with exactly the same shade as your neighbour. You and your hair will still be unique.

Purple hair is not just for the eccentric souls who enjoy summer music festivals. You can equally wear purple hair to a business meeting and show that you like to liven things up a bit. Besides your bright new hair colour, you can also pick a new lipstick or eyeshadows and an outfit to match.

Perhaps you’ll go for a dark purple hair dye, perhaps for a light purple shade that almost passes as pink. You can always experiment and find the right shade of purple that suits you best. While you’re looking for it, try a semi-permanent hair dye to figure out what colour is the most you!