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Jayjun Intensive Shining 3-Step Brightening Mask
Jayjun Intensive Shining 3-Step Brightening Mask
Complexion typeall skin types, dry, Wrinkles and Mature Skin
EffectsHydration, Brightening, Nourishing, Anti Age Spots, Against dark circles, Unifying
When to useday and night
Active ingredientshyaluronic acid, shea butter, Tea Tree Oil, Chamomile, ceramides, rose extract, green tea, marigold, niacinamide, rosemary

Complete, easy to use brightening treatment. Jayjun Intensive Shining 3-step brightening mask addresses dullness and uneven texture, promoting a bright complexion. It is ideal for combating the effects of cold, dry winter days or extended indoor periods. It consists of a blooming essence, an intensive shining mask, and a hydro eye cream. The mask absorbs the essence and adheres perfectly to the skin.


  • moisturises the skin
  • soothes the skin
  • fortifies and replenishes the skin
  • firms the delicate eye area
  • absorbs and retains essence
  • provides a comforting sensation 
  • adheres seamlessly to the skin
  • promotes a radiant complexion
  • Cupra fabric sheet for better adherence and results


  • lavender extract – nourishes and soothes the skin
  • bio-polymer complex – restores moisture levels
  • white 9-complex – brightens the skin
  • camellia sinensis leaf water

How to apply:
Gently massage ‘Blooming Essence’ onto dry, cleansed skin. Apply the mask and leave on for 10–20 minutes. Then, carefully remove the mask. Using your ring finger, dot ‘Hydro Eye Cream’ around the eye area and gently blend into the skin.

JayjunIntensive Shining 3-Step Brightening Mask

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