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Nacomi Deep hydration Facial Serum
Nacomi Deep hydration Facial Serum
Does not contain any ingredients of animal origin.
Complexion typeall skin types
EffectsHydration, Regeneration, Protection from the elements
When to useday and night
Active ingredientshyaluronic acid, coconut, ginseng

Does it feel as though your skin needs something more than just the care provided by a cream? The Nacomi Deep hydration facial serum is the perfect product to enrich your skincare routine – it pampers the skin and delivers an intensive treatment. With its high concentration of active ingredients, the effect it has on your skin is far more pronounced and faster than with a face cream. Its liquid consistency makes application easier, as it is absorbed into the skin very well.


  • hydrates and nourishes effectively
  • helps to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines
  • it protects the skin against harmful external influences
  • regenerates the skin barrier


  • vegan product

How to use:
Dab an appropriate amount of the serum gently into clean skin with your fingertips. Apply to the face, neck and chest.

NacomiDeep hydration Facial Serum

Coconut 30 ml

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