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About Rexaline

Water is the source of life and it helps prevent skin ageing. This is why the luxury cosmetic products from the French brand Rexaline keep your skin hydrated and prevent loss of moisture to ensure a youthful appearance.

The story of Rexaline started back in 2008. Former top athlete Alexandre Cukier had long suffered from dehydrated skin issues, so he decided to join forces with scientist Gene Beilis and together they founded the AG Labs. After a few years of research, they successfully developed an innovative technology which rejuvenates skin through hyperhydration. Rexaline products now contain the eponymous complex based on hyaluronic acid, famous for its anti-ageing effects.

Discover the amazing effects of Rexaline cosmetics for yourself. Try, for instance, Rexaline Hydra-Shock rejuvenating mask, Rexaline Hydra-BigBang concentrated serum for tired skin, Rexaline Line-Killer anti-wrinkle treatment or Rexaline Hydra-Dose moisturising line – and enjoy the results soon.

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