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TePe Angle Size 5 Interdental Brushes
TePe Angle Size 5 Interdental Brushes
Number of units per pack6 pcs
ISO throughput1 (0.7-0.8 mm)

Regular toothbrushes have a hard time reaching narrow interdental spaces. The Tepe Angle special interdental brush was designed for exactly this purpose. It fits in between individual teeth and removes every trace of plaque thoroughly. Therefore, it significantly minimises the risk of cavities or gum inflammation.

The TePe Angle interdental brush has an angled head with soft bristles for gentle cleaning around sensitive gums and teeth implants. Its long handle is easy to hold and allows you to clean at the desired angle. You can choose from several different diameters of bristles.


  • cleans the interdental spaces gently → up to 40% more effective in removing
    plaque than a regular toothbrush alone
  • prevents gum inflammation and cavities
  • gentle on sensitive gums
  • safe for cleaning around implants
  • helps eliminate bad breath
  • easy to hold thanks to its long handle

How to use:
place the brush in the gap between the teeth and clean with back-and-forth motions. Rinse thoroughly after use.

TePeAngle Size 5 Interdental Brushes

0,8 mm 6 pc

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