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TePe Extra Soft Interdental Brushes mix
TePe Extra Soft Interdental Brushes mix
Number of units per pack6 pcs

The TePe Extra Soft interdental brush is an integral part of dental hygiene. It can get to those hard-to-reach places, preventing tooth decay.


  • provides perfect cleaning of the interdental spaces
  • cleans hard-to-reach places in the mouth
  • removes dirt from between the teeth perfectly

How to use:
Insert the brush into the interdental spaces and clean by moving back and forth.

TePeExtra Soft Interdental Brushes mix

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6 pc

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1x 0,45 mm + 1x 0,5 mm + 2x 0,6 mm + 2x 0,7 mm + 1x 0,8 mm + 1x 1,1 mm  

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