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Tołpa Dermo Face Sebio Gentle Enzymatic Scrub
Tołpa Dermo Face Sebio Gentle Enzymatic Scrub
Complexion typesensitive, oily, combination
EffectsExfoliation, Mattifying, Anti-blackheads
When to useday

Rid your skin of imperfections. The Tołpa Dermo Face Sebio gentle enzyme peel with Tołpa® peat, which removes dirt and dead skin cells, cleans blocked pores and leaves the skin fantastically smooth to the touch, can easily help you with that.

Its gentle ingredients mean the scrub does not even irritate sensitive skin that is prone to allergies.


  • removes dead skin cells
  • reduces sebum production by up to 74%
  • smooths the skin and leaves it feeling soft
  • restores the skin and mattifies it
  • fights skin imperfections
  • cleans the pores and eliminates blackheads


  • three types of enzymes – gently remove dead skin cells from the skin
  • tołpa® peat
  • no artificial colourants or silicones

How to apply:
apply the scrub to clean skin and leave to work for ten minutes. Avoid the eye area. Then massage your face gently with your fingers and rinse off the scrub with lukewarm water. Use twice a week.

TołpaDermo Face Sebio Gentle Enzymatic Scrub

40 ml

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