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USMILE P10 PRO Sonic Toothbrush
USMILE P10 PRO Sonic Toothbrush
Type of power supplyrechargeable/mains

Be sure to brush your teeth properly with the USMILE P10 PRO sonic toothbrush. With its clear light indicators on the handle, you will always know which part of your mouth has not yet been cleaned. The cleaning time is monitored by a timer, which alerts you by vibrating when the recommended 2 minutes have elapsed. What’s more, it’s much more effective than a conventional toothbrush, removing up to 97% of plaque so that your mouth can enjoy great health. 


  • removes up to 97% of plaque from your teeth
  • enhances the overall health of both teeth and gums
  • the rounded soft brush head is gentle on the gums
  • lasts for up to 6 months of use on a single charge

Technical specifications:

  • up to 34,000 vibration movements per minute
  • cleaning indicator – with the help of a light ring that represents the 4 parts of the mouth (the uncleaned area glows red)
  • timer – a timed alert by changing the vibration every 30 s/after 2 min. 
  • 3 modes – cleaning, gentle cleaning, whitening 
  • battery life on 1 charge: 180 days, charging time: 4 to 5 hours.
  • waterproof rating – IPX8

In the box

  • USMILE P10 PRO toothbrush with head
  • 1 × replacement head
  • USB-C charging cable 
  • toothbrush stand
  • user manual 

How to use:
Place the brush head on the handle, wet it and apply toothpaste. Then insert it into your mouth and press the button to start the toothbrush. Select your preferred mode and start brushing your teeth. After 2 minutes, the brush changes frequency 3 times to alert you when the standard cleaning time has elapsed. After 4 minutes, the toothbrush switches off automatically. After cleaning, wash the head and handle with water, dry and place in a dry place. 


User's guide can be found HERE

USMILEP10 PRO Sonic Toothbrush

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  • USMILE P10 PRO Sonic Toothbrush
  • USMILE P10 PRO Sonic Toothbrush
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