WaksLocal Pe-ri-vo-li (n) scented candle (Mandarin)

Waks Local Pe-ri-vo-li (n) scented candle (Mandarin)
Waks Local Pe-ri-vo-li (n) scented candle (Mandarin)
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Waxy leaves, rich soil, and cold stone on the sides of the well – you’ll be instantly transported to a fruit and vegetable garden in the middle of Greece. In a word, the characteristic aromatic scent of tangerine in the Waks Local Pe-ri-vo-li (n) candle is absolutely unique.

The candle was hand-cast in Athens and put into a ceramic container which was made with traditional methods by craftsmen in Crete. This is what makes every single candle so inimitably unique.


  • container was made by craftsmen using traditional methods
  • the smell of tangerine instantly transports you to Greece
  • the candle burns all the way down to the bottom
  • hand-cast from natural wax


  • natural wax
  • cotton wick

How to use:
Always place the candle on a heat-proof surface. Don’t leave a burning candle unattended, don’t let it burn continuously for more than 4 hours, and don’t place it next to flammable materials. Keep away from children and pets.


Leaves, Tangerine, Soil, Citrus Fruit, Earthy Notes
Character of home fragrance
citrus, fruity
Type of Wick
Type of Wax