White PearlWhitening System Whitening System

White Pearl Whitening System Whitening System
White Pearl Whitening System Whitening System
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Discover a professional teeth-whitening kit that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.The White Pearl Whitening System dental whitening gel was developed by American dentists to enable you to whiten your teeth at home effectively, making sure it is gentle enough to eliminate any risk of damage.

The White Pearl Whitening System dental gel does not contain abrasive particles and yet whitens the pigments contained in the tooth enamel effectively. In combination with the mouldable applicator, the gel coats teeth evenly, even getting into the interdental spaces.

High levels of fluoride and natural extracts act as outstanding prevention against decay and the advance of periodontitis. You will also appreciate the option to whiten your teeth overnight. Simply fill the applicator with gel and apply to your teeth, allowing it to take effect whilst you sleep.


  • allows you to achieve fast yet gentle teeth whitening in the comfort of your home
  • whitens the entire surface of each tooth, regardless of its shape
  • whitens even very yellow teeth with pigmentation caused by food, tea, coffee, wine or smoking
  • reaches into interdental spaces
  • remineralises and strengthens the tooth enamel
  • helps prevent cavities and periodontitis
  • can be used overnight
  • whitened teeth last for up to two years, depending on habits


  • sodium chloride – whitens teeth gently without damaging their surface
  • fluoride – strengthens teeth and tooth enamel
  • chamomile and aloe vera extract – takes care of teeth and gums
  • peroxide-free

Packaging contains:

  • 2× 65 ml tubes of whitening gel
  • four mouldable rubber applicators
  • one dispenser

How to apply:
use the mouldable applicator to create an imprint of your teeth. Using the dispenser, fill the newly-shaped applicator with the whitening gel and press onto your teeth for 30-60 minutes, one to three times a week. Use overnight for a faster result. Use 60 minutes a day and the results will be visible in one to two weeks.



White Pearl dental hygiene represents a total revolution in tooth whitening! White Pearl dental whitening products remove pigment very effectively without damaging the tooth enamel. White Pearl allows you to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home, without having to pay for expensive dental whitening.
White Pearl toothpastes contain high levels of fluoride, which strengthens teeth and tooth enamel and actively protects the teeth from decay. White Pearl products also disinfect the mouth, prevent periodontitis, and have anti-inflammatory effects. The active ingredient of carbamide peroxide also guarantees high-quality teeth whitening without risks. White Pearl dental products are tested and approved by dentists.