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AlpecinHybrid Tonic Against Hair Loss For Dry And Itchy Scalp

Alpecin Hybrid Tonic Against Hair Loss For Dry And Itchy Scalp
Alpecin Hybrid Tonic Against Hair Loss For Dry And Itchy Scalp
200 ml

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Monday 31/1/2022
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The hair treatmentAlpecin Hybrid effectively stimulates growth of new hair, strengthens it and also regulates thinning of your existing hair. Enjoy having thick and beautiful hair again.


  • activates hair roots
  • stops hair loss
  • restores the natural strength of the hair fibre
  • ensures a long-term improvement of the quality of your hair
  • soothes an irritated scalp


  • caffeine


Hair type
all hair types
Density and vitality, growth stimulation, Calming
Scalp skin type
sensitive scalp, dry scalp , itchy scalp
Hair problem
thinning hair and hair loss

Alpecin haircare provides an effective solution for everyone suffering hair loss. This German company has been engaged in hair and scalp issues since 1905 and has gained a whole range of scientific findings in this time.  
Alpecin caused a revolution in preventing hair loss in 2002, when it was the first to start using a large amount of natural caffeine in its products, having discovered that it can protect the hair extremely effectively from the effects of the hormone testosterone, which causes hereditary hair loss.
Besides containing caffeine, Alpecin hair products are also high in other active substances which are exclusively of natural origin. The products are dermatologically and clinically tested and are designed for men. Alpecin haircare cares for the scalp effectively and restores the beauty and health of your hair.
Not only will you find effective hair tonics and shampoos for hair loss in Alpecin’s broad portfolio, you will also find products that help solve dandruff problems, excessive oiliness, or sensitive scalp problems.