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Review: We tried 7 sinfully good sex toys for couples. Which ones did we end up loving?

1/23/2023Jana Potuznik
8-minute read
If you’re running out of ideas and you’re not sure how to spice up your bedroom activities, you probably need some advice on what toys to introduce and what they can do for you. Even if you already have boxes full of erotic stuff. In either case, we have recommendations for you based on our testing of seven sex toys for couples. So sit back and enjoy!

Fun Factory Limba Flex M   

Martin (36)

The Fun Factory Limba Flex M dildo might look pretty unassuming, but it does have a unique feature: a bendable tip. Which is brilliant for two different reasons. You can adjust it in a way that gives your partner the sensation of a bigger, more filling toy. And with a bit of practice you can even find the right angle to hit her G spot.

Apart from the colour (which I don’t find particularly sexy), the surface is very smooth and the toy can be used in the bath, shower, or anywhere else. And once you get tired of vaginal play, this dildo also makes a great anal toy for beginners – obviously provided that you make sure to keep everything clean and perfectly hygienic. The tip is perfect for easy penetration. 

Its tapered shape will prevent any discomfort you might fear. Not to mention that the toy can be easily shaped and adjusted to find your prostate, just like you did with your partner’s G spot. This means you can either share it or get each your own dildo and compare your experiences. I didn’t really expect it to be this enjoyable! 

Fun Factory Duke Prostate 

Yvonne (40)

This one took a little bit of convincing. My husband has never been enthusiastic about sex toys, but he agreed to help me for the sake of this review. And I don’t mind saying he was pleasantly surprised. But let’s start at the beginning! 

If you position the Fun Factory Duke Prostate stimulator correctly, one end is pointing towards the tailbone, the body of the vibrator stimulates the prostate, and the “handle” rests against the scrotum. We both thought the toy was good quality, smooth to the touch, with very lovely vibrations and a manageable girth. However, we don’t think the Duke would be great for someone who’s only starting to explore anal play. Its unorthodox shape makes it trickier to insert, so I’d start with a classic anal plug – either with vibrations or without.

Satisfyer Partner Plus Remote 

Yvonne (40)

Do you sometimes feel like your sex life is lacking something? Something new? Then maybe try the Satisfyer Partner Plus Remote couple’s vibrator. It’s made of a lovely material, it’s easy to insert, adds even more pleasure to penetrative sex, and it comes with a remote control – what more could you ask for? That said, I find the outer part of this couple’s vibrator too long – unfortunately it hits above my clit. You can push it a little lower, but then the insertable part pops out. Which is a shame because when it’s in, it works great! 

The “off” button is located exactly in the area where your partner is trying to get to you, so you might turn the toy off on accident. We generally find the vibrator quite rigid for couple play, and my partner did not enjoy using it very much. If only the outer part was a little shorter, it would be at least ideal for solo use!

Sex toys for couples


Izzie (33)

The WE-VIBE Jive vibrating love egg feels anatomically comfy, it’s easy to insert and control, and has a variety of settings and vibrations from low to pulsating ones. You control everything with a single button which is located near your clitoris. What I really love is the app you can download and use for long-distance play while you’re out and about, at the cinema, at a restaurant, or visiting your parents. Don’t worry, no one will be able to hear the vibrations!

There is however one downside I can think of. You need to charge the WE-VIBE Jive first and install the app, which means you won’t be able to use it straight away. I also find that a really strong orgasm can cause you to accidentally push the love egg out. So remember – if you’re using it in public, never go commando!

The eighth sin: Flagranti Massage Candle Sea Salt

Light this scented candle, let it melt and then use the liquid as a lovely massage oil!  The incredibly sexy fragrance contains pheromones which are activated by heat. Perfect for an erotic couple’s massage! And if you still need more, how about trying some aphrodisiacs? Or a pair of sexy handcuffs?

HUEMAN Saturn Vibrating Cock/Ball Ring 

Yvonne (40)

The HUEMAN Saturn Vibrating Cock/Ball Ring is a strong cock ring with vibrating action. It fits around the penis alone, or around the penis and scrotum – unless your partner is particularly well-endowed. However, you can still enjoy the ring when it’s placed at the root of the penis. It is strong enough to allow for lots of fun but also stretchy enough that you’ll be able to remove it when you need to, and prevent injury. 

To make everything even more enticing, it features several vibration patterns to stimulate both him and her. There’s 10 settings altogether! The on/off button is a little bit hard to find, but it does light up slightly when the toy is on. So no problem!

Lelo Lyla 2 

Jane (42)

The Lelo Lyla 2 vibrating love egg fits comfortably in my hand and is easy to insert. If you’re lying down, you mostly feel the vibrations down your spine and might not be able to sense the difference between individual settings. And you obviously want to feel what’s happening inside you. 

What you need to do is relax and walk around. With the love egg inside. Or sit down. And let your partner have some fun controlling the toy. The remote control emits the same vibrations as the toy itself, so your partner is able to feel what they’re doing to you. This is the type of play with a bit of spark to it!

In any case, the surest method to climax with the Lelo Lyla 2 is to place the vibrating love egg against your clitoris, even though it was not primarily designed to be used in this particular way. You can also simply wear it as a kegel ball without the vibrations, and strengthen your pelvic floor. I appreciate the fact that the toy comes fully charged – no delayed gratification here! 

Try these sex toys

WE-VIBE Tango Pleasure Mate Collection Set 

Jane (42)

11 out of 10! If these reviews had an official winner, you’d be looking at it right now: the WE-VIBE Tango Pleasure Mate Collection Set. Wait 90 minutes until the white bullet vibrator gets fully charged, and then enjoy your play. If you insert the bullet in the pink dildo, you have a fantastic vaginal vibrator whose flat tip can be also used for clitoral stimulation. You might even want to let your partner handle the toy and change the settings so you can give up control!

My personal favourite is the “tease” setting. You’ll really feel the vibrations. So much so that your partner’s hand might start to tingle – but he can deal with that while he enjoys changing the settings by gently pressing the button! If you feel like it, you can even leave the pink dildo inside (it shouldn’t slip out on its own), remove the bullet vibe and use it for a nice stimulation all over your body. 

Or you can simply share. The black dildo is designed for anal sex. It’s up to you to decide which one of you prefers this type of stimulation more and whether you want to add the vibrations or not. You’ll enjoy yourself either way. For hours. With really strong vibrations!

Have you found your favourite among the best sex toys for couples? If you have, feel free to test it at home, and maybe write your own little review!

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