Black Friday Is Around the Corner: What Goodies to Get in This Year’s Sales?

November 24, 2021Notino
Have you been feeling the pre-Christmas fever yet? Some people absolutely love it and start prepping for Christmas in August, but personally, I’d rather stay home wrapped in a comfy blanket than stroll the shopping centres. Still, that doesn’t mean I’ll skip the Black Friday discounts! I can just make myself a cup of tea or mulled wine, open my laptop and order gifts for family and friends... maybe even a little something for myself. So which products have caught my eye this year?

Something for Your Skin and Hair

Usually I start with the basics – skin care and other beauty essentials. It’s just the most practical way. My skin tends to get dry and a bit flakey in winter, which sounds like a job for the COCOSOLIS Choco body oil. And the beautiful scent is like a cherry on top! This amazing blend of oils has just the right formula to perfectly nourish and soften my skin. But be careful – it’s still an oil, so you should apply it on damp skin the minute you step out of the shower in order to lock the moisture in. 

I’ll admit I’ve been somewhat neglecting my hair care for the past 6 months, so I’ll also finally get a new hair mask. The problem is that I’m always in a rush and it’s hard to find the 10 minutes to leave it on. I simply have to adopt it as my New Year’s resolution and make sure that the Moroccanoil Repair mask won’t last me until next Christmas. This mask contains shea butter, argan oil and keratin to intensely nourish any hair... yes, please! 

Gift sets

Since Christmas is apparently all around us, it’s time to have a look at some gift sets. If you love travelling just like I do, I can wholeheartedly recommend a nice travel set of makeup brushes. For instance, the Pastel Collection kit is light and compact, plus it comes with a gorgeous pink brush pouch. 

I’m also eyeing some smaller yet stylish makeup sets I could buy as gifts for my friends. You could also get one of these for your sister. They all feature a stylish cosmetic bag! Another option are sets of eye products such as the Collistar The Bridge Set or the All Black Everything from MAC Cosmetics. If you know someone who loves highlighters, the MAC Cosmetics Firelit Kit with a highlighter, a brush and a pouch will be a fantastic choice. 

TIP: While we’re on the subject of makeup, you absolutely need to check out the Estée Lauder Double Wear Sheer Long-Wear Makeup SPF 20 foundation! This lighter version of the iconic Double Wear foundation has been on my list for a while, and with the sale on I probably won’t be able to resist. 

Fragrance of the Season

Christmas time definitely calls for a new perfume. Is there a fragrance you’ve been lusting after? I’m especially curious about Chloé Naturelle, a 100% natural take on the timeless Chloé classic. Even the bottle itself and the characteristic bow are made from recyclable materials! 


Do you like my picks, or would you prefer to browse some more? Whatever the case, our Black Friday sales are full of beauty bargains and Christmas finds for you to pick from. 


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