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The Ultimate Festival Makeup Tutorial

July 19, 2022Notino
Even though festival makeup often looks really effective on social media, creating such elaborate makeup looks really isn’t all that easy. That’s why I’m here to show you a quick and easy party look that will only take ten minutes and requires just a small mirror.The look is bold, charming and able to with-stand all kinds of weather.

Summer music festivals are a great opportunity to show off more colourful and daring makeup looks that you wouldn’t typically wear on a daily basis. Forget about boring black eyeliner. Instead, it’s time for some wildly colourful cat eyes. So – how to go about creating a charming, dramatic and long-lasting festival look that will require as little touching up as possible?

The Perfect Base for Summer Makeup Looks 

Primer is a must. To be able to withstand heat, dancing, and perhaps even rain, having a high-quality makeup base is essential. The very first product you should reach for, after applying sunscreen with at least SPF 30, is a good primer. A great example is the Smashbox Photo Finish Control Mattifying Primerit covers pores, provides a matt and flawless base, while also extending the wear of your base makeup. Ideal for festival makeup looks!

Another product that will ensure your makeup stays on for as long as possible is the Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place primer. It will make your skin look perfect all day long while also providing flawless coverage. And since it’s resistant against heat and humidity, you won’t have to worry about makeup running down your face in the middle of all the fun. 


Tips for Festival Eye Makeup

I decided to go for a very easy eye look: I used a peach-coral eyeshadow shade and applied it on the lid in the shape of a cat eye. I even used eyeshadow as a substitute for liner: I applied the shade with an angled brush and sprayed it with the NYF Professional Makeup: Makeup Setting Spray Dewy spray. I also use this hydrating spray all over my face before and after applying makeup, or even during the day whenever my skin needs refreshing. 

Then I applied a gold shimmery eyeshadow to the inner third of my lower eyelid to really brighten up the look  and filled in the remaining two thirds with the same coral shade I used on my upper lid. 

I really enjoyed using the Urban Decay Born To Run, which pleasantly surprised me with its fantastic shades. It contains both vibrant tones and neutral shades, so you’ll definitely get use out of it for various occasions. 

All that’s left to finish off your stunning festival look is a touch of waterproof mascara. I only applied some on my upper lashes to keep the look light and fresh.

Lipstick or lip gloss

What lipstick goes well with a festival makeup look? Not only should it be beautiful and bold, but it should also be able to withstand all the summer fun. The Clinique Pop™ Lip Colour + Primer lipsticks are long-lasting and come in a wide variety of shades, offering you a matt finish and high pigmentation. During the summer, I enjoy wearing brighter and more vibrant shades. My go-to at the moment is Poppy Pop, which is a gorgeous red-orange shade. 

Are you after a more subtle summer look? You can always swap lipstick for a lip gloss. My favourite one is the NYX Professional Makeup This is Milky GlossIt gives your lips 12-hour hydration, which is something I appreciate all year round, not only in the summer. You’ll achieve a beautiful colour with a single swipe, but you can apply more layers for a bolder and more opaque finish. 

Reach for Multipurpose Products

Do you want to limit the amount of products in your makeup bag as much as possible? Choose versatile products that have multiple uses. The Smashbox Cali Contour palette, for example, will be your contour, bronzer, blush and highlighter palette in one. It even comes with a mirror, making it the perfect travel companion and a must-have for the upcoming festival season. 

Now that you’re fully prepared, go and enjoy the summer whirlwind of festivals, music and new adventures. We hope that you have fun creating beautiful makeup looks!

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