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BellissimaMy Pro Ceramic P5 3800 Hair Dryer

Bellissima My Pro Ceramic P5 3800 Hair Dryer
Bellissima My Pro Ceramic P5 3800 Hair Dryer
P5 3800

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Perfectly hydrated hair even after blow-drying? Bellissima My Pro Ceramic P5 3800 professional hair dryer features amazing settings that make it possible! A ceramic technology protects your hair from damage by creating “good” infrared light which respects your hair and provides the necessary moisture.

Ion technology helps keep your hair perfectly hydrated during blow-drying and reduces frizz. An AC engine and special ventilator which speeds up the air flow will make sure that your hair will soon be perfectly dry.


  • allows you to dry your hair faster
  • hydrates hair during drying
  • prevents hair damage caused by heat
  • makes styling easier
  • prevents hair frizz


  • ceramic technology – releases infrared light when heating up
    to protect your hair from frizz, dehydration and damage
  • ultraboost technology – professional AC engine and a special
    ventilator which accelerates the air flow
  • ion technology – maintains natural moisture of your hair,
    prevents frizz

Other specifications:

  • attachments: 8mm concentrator, 10mm ceramic nozzle, ceramic diffuser
  • 2 speed settings and 3 temperature settings
  • cold-air button
  • status indicator light
  • removable filter for easy cleaning
  • 3m cable
  • power: 2300 Watts

How to use:
Start by towel-drying and detangling your hair. Select an attachment and attach it to the hair dryer. Hold the hair dryer about 20cm from your head. When using the diffuser, wind an entire section of wet hair into the diffuser, then set the hair dryer to medium speed and maximum temperature, and switch it on.

Notino tip:
To achieve more volume, select maximum speed and temperature, place the diffuser directly onto your hair and move it up and down as if you were massaging your scalp.


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