FarmonaRadical Hair Loss Treatment for Weakened Hair and Hair Loss

Farmona Radical Hair Loss Treatment for Weakened Hair and Hair Loss
Farmona Radical Hair Loss Treatment for Weakened Hair and Hair Loss
15x5 ml

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Save your weakened and damaged hair that simply cannot shine as it used to. Farmona Radical Hair Loss treatment for weakened hair effectively restores the desired thickness and volume of the hair shaft and visibly strengthens your hair.

The exclusive formula will jump-start regenerating processes for a more effective and faster hair growth and reduction of hair loss. In only 3 months your hair will be completely transformed – and shine with beauty, strength and vitality.


  • contains 15 ampoules
  • visibly strengthens hair
  • eliminates hair loss
  • speeds up new hair growth
  • effectively regenerates and moisturises hair
  • restores beautiful, healthy appearance


  • arginine – stimulates natural regenerative processes and ensures more effective hair growth
  • Biokomplex proHair Booster – strengthens hair and slows down its ageing
  • trichogen® – activates hair growth and strengthens the hair
  • horsetail extract – visibly strengthens your hair and reduces hair loss
  • provitamin B5 – moisturises, regenerates hair and restores it to its former beauty and health

How to apply:
Apply the contents of 1 ampoule of the Farmona anti-hair loss treatment evenly to your scalp and massage in gently without rinsing. Use every day for at least 4 weeks, and then every other day for additional 8 months.

Notino tip:
For best results, use the treatment along with other Farmona Radical Hair Loss products. Try for instant the Farmona Radical Hair Loss leave-in conditioner against hair loss.


Hair type
all hair types
growth stimulation
Scalp skin type
all scalp types
Hair problem
damaged hair, thinning hair and hair loss