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Discover the World of Parfumes

At Notino, fragrance is what we do best. From luxurious perfumes and men’s aftershave to eau de toilettes, we stock thousands of the worlds most-loved, niche and hard-to-find fragrances from hundreds of scent ateliers.

Whether you are looking or a new fragrance for yourself, or considering gifting a perfume or cologne to a special someone, we have an unmatched selection to choose from for men, women and even children! Our curated selection includes perfume, aftershave, cologne, eau de toilettes, room spray and scented candles that come in a range of sensual floral, citrus and woodsy scents by leading and luxury brands. For spritzing on the go, perfume roll-ons and atomizers are perfect accessories to keep in your purse.

If you want to test drive a perfume, cologne or eau du toilette without making a big commitment, purchase one of our petit samples. We’re proud to be one of the leading beauty retailers in the world that offers fragrance samples for each and every one of our products that has one available.

Fragrance isn’t just limited to perfumes and colognes in this category. Complete your scent story by browsing hundreds of fine fragrance accessories like hair perfumes, shower gels, aftershaves, body moisturizers, lotions, deodorants and much, much more.

With discounts up to 60% off, there is no better place to go for total scent satisfaction. Sign up for our regular emails, newsletters and flash sales to enjoy even deeper discounts on your favourite fragrances.