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Men’s fragrances by Jaguar are just like their cars – unique, dynamic, and masculine. And it goes without saying that they sport the same precise, timeless design we all associate with the brand. 

The first Jaguar luxury car was manufactured in Britain in 1935, still under the label of Swallow Sidecars Company which had been founded by Sir William Lyons and William Walmsley in 1922 as a company making sidecars for motorbikes. After World War II, the brand was renamed to Jaguar Cars Limited. 

The first Jaguar fragrance, called Jaguar for Men, was released in 1988. It contained the aromatic notes of basil, spices, and warm woods, and it soon became the perfect accessory for all luxury car enthusiasts. Over the years, it was joined by other charismatic fragrances – such as the aromatic Jaguar Pace Eau de Toilette with rosemary and pepper, the oriental Jaguar Classic with fresh citruses and spices, the aromatic Jaguar Classic Gold with fruity and woody notes, or the oriental woody Jaguar Vision that bewitches you with notes of pineapple, apple, and sandalwood.

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