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About Klorane

The French pharmacy brand Klorane have been taking inspiration from nature for more than 50 years. The company pledged to protect and valorise our planet’s flora and become a truly eco-responsible brand. Klorane was founded in 1966 by a pharmacist named Pierre Fabre whose dream was to offer products that work and are designed in a 100% eco-friendly way.


Klorane take their eco-friendly approach really seriously, which is why they pay special attention to sustainability, the lowering of energy consumption and to nature preservation. The products don’t contain extracts from endangered plants and they guarantee a high quality of herbal ingredients.

Klorane products are some of the best you can get to take care of your skin and hair. You should definitely try both the classic Klorane shampoo and its express version, the Klorane dry shampoo suitable for moments when you don’t have time for washing. Klorane Bébé products for kids will certainly be popular with any parent who’s looking to find the best and most eco-friendly cosmetics for their children.

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