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Le Couvent Maison de Parfum

Le Couvent Maison de Parfum

Uncover the secrets of nature with this 100% vegan skin care and exclusive fragrances created based on the principles of traditional French perfumery. Enjoy your enchanted journey with Le Couvent Maison de Parfum. 

 Le Couvent Maison de Parfum (formerly Le Couvent des Minimes) brand is inspired by a really ancient story.  The Couvent des Minimes Mane monastery, founded in 1614, was the home of Louis Feullée, the famous botanist of Louis XIV. He travelled across continents to give names to newly discovered plants which are now considered the foundation of modern botany. Le Couvent de Minimes references these times through its connection with monasterial botanical history and its belief in using natural raw materials.

Le Couvent Maison de Parfum fragrances and Eau de Colognes contain up to 92% naturally sourced ingredients. Their pure, elegant glass bottles are adorned with a logo reminiscent of an aristocratic seal. The Le Couvent Maison de Parfum skin care celebrates natural beauty and hits you with its gorgeous scents like a Cupid’s arrow. The simple formula of the products inspired by pure nature is free of any animal-based products and suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

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