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The modern French dermocosmetics by Safee combine unique natural active ingredients and latest technologies in the area of targeted skin care. These dermatologically tested products offer long-term solutions designed to answer the current needs of your skin.


Saffee will help you on your journey towards healthier and more beautiful skin. Their product lines were designed to suit the most common skin types including acne-prone and mature skin.  All products can be mixed-and-matched to create a skin-care routine that corresponds with your current skin goals.

Your everyday skin-care routine should include basic steps such as thorough cleansing and toning, intense treatment in the form of ampoules, a serum or a single-use mask, and then long-term treatment in the form of a cream or an overnight mask.

Saffee’s mission is to offer their customers effective and innovative products which meet the highest standards for comprehensive skin care. 

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