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Sea Salt Hair Spray

Do you want your hair to have beach waves? You don’t have to run along the nearest beach! Just spray the sea salt spray on your hair and get hair that looks as if you’ve just come back from your holiday.

Beach effect sea salt hair spray creates wild waves in your hair, giving you a casual, tousled look. It gives your hair more volume, more lightness, and an interesting structure that is strong but flexible. Beach waves spray does not weigh your hair down, plus it protects it from dehydration caused by too much sunlight.

How do I use the sea salt spray for hair? It's simple! Spray it on damp or dry hair from a distance of 15cm, scrunch your hair with your fingers and leave it to dry naturally. Alternatively, you can blow your hair dry gently using a diffuser attachment. Don’t comb your hair afterwards. The resulting beach look is just so worth it!

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