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Skincare routine for men

 Build the right skin-care routine for men’s skin

 It’s not rocket science – all you need to do is develop the right habits and find skin care for men that corresponds with the type and structure of your skin. Let’s start building a routine that suits your skin and keeps it healthy and radiant.

Step 1 - Cleansing

A lot of men don’t even have the basics of proper skin cleansing down. Remember that men’s skin produces twice the amount of sebum and is more prone to settling impurities. This is why you should cleanse your skin twice a day – every morning and night – to avoid dryness, itching and acne.

There are many products that hydrate and refresh your skin while removing excess sebum. It just takes a bit of searching because some of us have drier skin while others have oily, sensitive or combination skin. Don’t worry – all products are clearly labelled with the skin type they’re designed for, and most are suitable for all skin types. You should also try smart devices such as the Luna™ 3 for Men anti-wrinkle cleansing device by FOREO. This tool can handle the rough skin of a man’s face, massage it, stimulate blood circulation and prepare your face for skin care or a smooth shave.

Step 2 - Skin serum

We all experience busy days at work, we all deal with air pollution and we all sometimes have one pint too many, all of which can negatively impact our skin.

This is when the skin serums come in to restore its elasticity, prevent wrinkles and eliminate signs of fatigue. A few drops full of active ingredients penetrate the deepest layers of your skin to create a radiant and energised effect. .

Step 3 - Hydration

Something as simple as drinking water can have benefits for the skin. Water flushes out toxins, renews your skin and keeps it optimally hydrated. Dehydration results in wrinkles and various disorders. Try drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water every day and you’ll see how radiant your skin will become.
There are of course also many skin-care products that offer reliable hydration, strengthening, soothing and toning. Focus especially on day creams and night creams for men. Spare a few minutes every day to apply moisturiser and enjoy years of having healthy, glowing skin.

Step 4 - Anti-ageing

Even though ageing is seen as beautiful in men, it is possible to dial back your biological clock. Anti-wrinkle creams, rejuvenating serums and complex revitalising treatments will make you look 10 years younger. Once again it only takes a few minutes to apply the product to clean skin during your morning or evening hygiene. Your future self will be truly grateful. 
If you want to bring your skin care to a new level, your routine for men can include a mask and an exfoliator which eliminate dead skin cells and ensure a complex deep-cleansing effect.