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Review: Flavoured toothpastes: Will you bet on watermelon, lemon or cinnamon?

1/5/2023Jana Uhlir
6-minute read
Cinnamon, peach and apricot, pistachio, milkshake, watermelon, lemon and aloe... are you starting to drool just thinking about them, wondering which flavour to choose? But be careful – this time we're not talking about food, but about toothpaste. We put our taste buds on the line, so that you can enjoy the very best of the best. Which one came out on top?

Mint, the queen of toothpaste

Mint has been the number one toothpaste flavour for the past century, which is why we so clearly associate it with fresh breath. But why limit yourself to just one flavour when there are so many more to choose from? They usually play around with the flavours and scents of fresh fruit and aromatic spices, which will delight your teeth as well as your senses. 

Cinnamon to fight toxins, lemon for freshness

There is a growing worldwide trend towards toothpaste made from natural ingredients (especially when it comes to children’s toothpaste). And toothpaste formulated with natural ingredients isn’t just for taste and show: powerful natural ingredients help clean you teeth, keep your teeth and gums healthy and shiny, reduce plaque build-up and make sure your breath is as fresh as can be. Toothpaste also strengthens tooth enamel and fights tartar. 

“Mint has undoubtedly been one of the most popular toothpaste flavours in the world for the past century. We associate it with a clean and fresh feeling.”

For example, cinnamon removes toxins from the gums, coconut oil disinfects and whitens, lemon gives you whiter and brighter teeth and mint also takes care of the gums. And what’s more, flavoured toothpaste for children is a secret weapon that can finally help lure them into the bathroom and turn brushing their teeth into a pleasant experience, rather than torture. 

Which flavoured toothpastes taste and clean the best?

Jack N’ Jill Toothpaste

What I liked most As a mum of two, I mostly like the smell of the toothpaste, the great flavour and the cool packaging.

Advantages  The Jack N’ Jill natural toothpaste for children does not contain any fluoride, which is a bonus for me. I really like the natural ingredients and the packaging. The hole to squeeze it from is not too big, so it is perfect for using the right amount of toothpaste. The tube is narrower, and fits in a child’s hand easily. It smells great and the toothpaste is safe even if they swallow it accidentally, so we use it both for our one-year-old daughter on her gums and first teeth and for our three-year-old. She loves the taste of it! We’ll definitely try the other flavours.

Disadvantages None. 

Zuzana, Project Manager

Curaprox BE YOU Blackberry + Liquorice 

What I liked most A pleasant change! Someone’s finally realised that even adults crave change and are up for trying something other than the same old mint-flavoured toothpaste.

Advantages The Curaprox Be you Blackberry + Liquorice has an amazing formula with no unnecessary chemicals and a flavour that you will enjoy just as much as a new ice cream flavour in the summer. The BE YOU line contains a total of six flavours, and as soon as I’m done with blackberry and liquorice (which you can hardly taste at all – it’s there to gently regenerate the oral mucosa and help prevent tooth decay naturally thanks to its antiseptic properties) I plan on trying the grapefruit and bergamot version. I love the fact that the freshness doesn't always have to come from mint and menthol, and that I can get rid of plaque with just a small amount. And there’s more: if you’re one to go through toothpaste by squeezing it unsystematically, you’ll find that this packaging won’t “give in”.

Disadvantages Its gentle formula detracts from the foamy experience. That’s something that you might have to get used to: this toothpaste doesn’t create a lot of foam.

Jane P. (42), Online Editor

Curaprox Kids 6+ 

What I liked most The Curaprox Kids 6+ toothpaste tastes exactly like a watermelon.

Advantages It’s quite liquidy, so it’s easy to squeeze out of the tube. I like the packaging.

Disadvantages It’s not too foamy.

Tina D. (9 years)

Ohlala Toothpaste Pistachio and Mint

What I liked most Scent, a new flavour.

Advantages I’m used to using mint toothpastes. I love their scent and freshness. Ohlala Pistachio and Mint Toothpaste keeps things interesting with an additional hint of pistachio. Every time I brush my teeth, I feel as if I’ve just finished enjoying my favourite pistachio ice cream, which is something I usually munch on when I’m on holiday in Sicily. 

Disadvantages I miss that mint freshness a little bit. But I make up for it with mouthwash.

Alice, Lead of Content Marketing

We have tested for you


What I liked most Tastes great. I love raspberries!

Advantages There’re not a lot of toothpastes that I like. They have to be sweet and taste like strawberries or raspberries. This Mediblanc Kids Raspberry one is superb. And when I’m done with brushing, I have a nice taste in my mouth and I enjoy brushing for way longer! “Finally,” my mum says!

Disadvantages For me, it doesn’t have any.

Adina K. (10 years)

Marvis The Mints Cinnamon

What I liked most Leaves a surprisingly fresh feeling and has a brilliant taste!

Advantages The Marvis The Mints Cinnamon flavoured toothpaste was a very pleasant surprise. I was sceptical at first, expecting a familiar sweet flavour, but that never came. It foams up nicely, just the right amount, and it’s not sweet at all, just beautifully fresh and the feeling lingers on for a good while. And the scent is the best! You should definitely try it; this flavoured toothpaste is a great way to switch things up!

Disadvantages I haven’t found any; the slightly higher price may be an issue for some.

Ella, Online Content Editor

Get inspired

Have you chosen which toothpaste you’d like to try? Go ahead and pick a new flavour to savour while you make the most of brushing your teeth every morning and evening. 

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