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Reviews: The Best Whitening Toothpaste? We tried and tested different ones!


Jana Uhlir

7-minute read

Healthy, clean and white teeth are sexy. But how can you achieve this if you passionately love coffee, black tea or red wine? A relatively cheap and convenient solution is to try whitening toothpastes. We have put several of them to the test in the editorial office, and we now know how to return the teeth to a naturally white shade.

Who wouldn’t want a beautifully radiant white smile, right? Whitening toothpastes can help you with this, by gradually and gently whitening your teeth comfortably in your own home. Good whitening pastes can rid the surface of the enamel of discolouration from coffee, tea and food and return the teeth to a naturally white shade. 

Coffee, tea and food - these are the main culprits of yellowing of the teeth. Red wine and cigarettes can be successfully added to this list. Whitening toothpaste then has the task of ridding our teeth of this discolouration. More or less it is a success. How? Whitening toothpaste works on either a physical or chemical principle. The first type contains abrasive components that gently abrade tooth enamel. Whitening toothpastes with a chemical action contain peroxide which removes colour pigment from the very structure of the tooth. 

The best whitening toothpaste? Thanks to black and white 

In addition to the classic whitening toothpastes, you can also try lightening your teeth naturally, perhaps using black coal in a black whitening toothpaste to remove plaque and stains from your teeth. In addition, teeth whitening powders are also popular. 

It's fair to say that even the best whitening paste won't produce the same results as tooth whitening by an expert. But if you need to lighten your teeth by one to two shades, then whitening toothpaste is ideal for you. And you can smile from ear to ear with radiant white teeth in a few weeks to months. 

Enough talk, let's see which is the best whitening paste according to the editorial test! 

Best Whitening Toothpastes

Signal White Now Gold

Jane, Online Editor

What I liked the most : Practical "stand-up" tube and that it (gently) works. 

Advantages: Signal White Now Gold whitens teeth, makes them shine, and also fights dental plaque. It is a toothpaste that is gentle on tooth enamel. The effect became apparent for me after prolonged use when cleaning twice a day. Unfortunately, even though the natural colour of my teeth is closer to yellow than white, it's not as pronounced a change as I'd like it to be. But as an after-whitening supplement, it’s a fine option. 

Disadvantages: The effect was only visible after a longer period of time. And I am very impatient. 

MEDIBLANC Whitening 

Lenka, Online Content Editor 

What I liked the most: Multi-purpose, great for my sensitive teeth, delivers what it promises. 

Advantages: This toothpaste pleasantly surprised me. MEDIBLANC Whitening toothpaste with a whitening effect has a pleasant taste and, in addition to gentle and really thorough whitening, it also handles a whole range of mini-troubles in the oral cavity. I was perfectly happy with the taste and the consistency and the lack of foam. At the same time, I discovered for myself the many properties of hydroxyapatite - a natural mineral that improves the condition, appearance and resistance of teeth, speeds up the remineralisation process and closes fissures. I tested the toothpaste after a pro whitening and after a month my teeth are as white as they were straight after the procedure. For me, Mediblanc Whitening is a great choice! 

Disadvantages: I didn’t find any. 

Tested Whitening Toothpastes

Opalescence Whitening 

Diana, Online Project Manager 

What I liked the most: Fresh taste, maintains shade, teeth are no more sensitive when used. 

Advantages: Opalescence whitening toothpaste Whitening is a great price-performance ratio for me. It has a strong taste, very refreshing, I feel like it's also cooling. I like that it contains fluoride, so it also protects against tooth decay. Otherwise, after about fourteen days of use, my teeth are definitely a shade whiter, and using this whitening toothpaste definitely does not make my teeth more sensitive. I'm already a bit addicted to its refreshing and distinctive taste. 

Disadvantages: For some, it can be the very distinctive taste. 

My White Secret Toothpaste Classic Mint Set 

Alice, Lead of Content Marketing 

What I liked the most: Pleasant taste, the concept of day and night toothpaste. 

Advantages: The day toothpaste from the My White Secret Toothpaste Classic Mint set not only whitens, but also contains mint oil that refreshes throughout the whole day. The night toothpaste is black thanks to the charcoal it contains and works on your teeth all night while you sleep. In truth, I chose this paste because I was interested in the design and concept of day and night... It invokes a feeling like you are on a "whitening treatment". I liked the taste and smell, and the fact that it strengthens tooth enamel. 

Disadvantages: I don't know whether to call it a disadvantage. It was my first experience with whitening paste and maybe my expectations were too high. It did a great job with pigment on the teeth after coffee and red wine. But after using it for a month, I don't feel that my teeth are significantly whiter. That’s why there are different procedures for that. 

Swissdent Repair and Whitening

Iva Davies, Online Editor 

What I liked the most: Pleasant taste, one of the most economical whitening toothpastes, the Swiss just know how to do it. 

Advantages: It seems to me that after a week of using Swissdent Repair and Whitening, the teeth are smoother, without plaque and pigment, which ordinary pastes cannot seem to deal with. It didn't irritate my gums or make my teeth more sensitive. I liked that natural enzymes work as the main ingredients and the whitening paste does not dry out the oral cavity in any way. After two weeks, my teeth are definitely a degree whiter than they were before use. 

Disadvantages: It took me a while to get used to the fact that the paste is not rinsed off for a better effect. Very minimal foam. But that’s just a matter of habit. 

Will you try whitening pastes, have you made a selection based on the reviews? Don't expect significant whitening from whitening toothpastes, but rather maintaining the shade after a professional whitening or whitening by a degree or two. At the same time, many of them can maintain oral health and help with multiple issues.