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Pubescent skin (and more)? Teach your teenagers how to look after it!

September 15, 2022IVA DAVIES
Do you have a teenage daughter at home, or is your daughter approaching puberty? Are you wondering if she needs to start using a moisturiser? Yes, she does! We have the best beauty products for teenagers that work. And with them, your daughter will learn to take care of her skin herself just in time. Skincare in adolescence is essential!

Have you got the hang of skincare for yourself but you’ve spotted your little one taking a peek inside your makeup bag? Is she not too young for that? Do you remember when you started to borrow your own mum’s stuff?  And be honest, was it sunscreen or a mascara? Before she starts wearing makeup, your daughter should know that there is no substitute for regular, high-quality skincare. So what are you waiting for? The sooner, the better! She may even thank you later!


We’ve put together three different beauty bags for three different types of teenage skin. They contain a comprehensive routine for each type. But it doesn’t matter at all if you mix them up.

Normal/Sensitive Skin

Even if your daughter doesn’t seem to have any problems, she should still cleanse her face every morning and evening. And sadly, water alone is not enough. CeraVe’s gentle cleansing emulsion removes impurities from the skin without damaging its protective barrier. The TonyMoly moisturising face mist is not just cute, it also refreshes and hydrates the skin. The Kilig vitamin C serum helps protect the skin and brightens it up beautifully. The Purito cream is lightweight, calming (unfortunately, that only applies to your teenager’s skin, not herself as well) and moisturising. The best thing you can do for your girl is to teach her to put on the Frudia Sun Ultra UV Shield cream with SPF 50 every day. Sunscreen is the single most important product in the fight against premature ageing. Of course, she mustn’t forget a fragrant lip gloss by BarryM, or the transparent mascara for eyebrows and eyelashes by Catrice. And finally, there’s even a soothing cat sheet mask by Skin79 – as a reward!

Try these for normal skin:

Combination skin

Thankfully, she doesn’t have spots, but does she get a shiny forehead and chin? The Holika Holika cleansing oil cleanses, mattifies and regulates sebum production. The Ziaja Young Skin toner refreshes and soothes. The Revolution serum with niacinamide soothes and has an anti-inflammatory effect, and the Neutrogena lightweight cream with turmeric moisturises without clogging pores. And if by any chance a spot does appear on her face, she can stick a Holika Holika patch on it, which will handle it beautifully. Everyone needs a sunscreen with SPF 50 – this one by Ambre Solaire is lightweight and non-sticky. Finally, the cute Lip Smacker lip balm and WetnWild colourless mascara for a touch of joy.

These work for combination skin:

Acne-Prone Skin

Spots on her cheeks and blackheads on her nose? Don’t worry, we can handle that as well. Don’t expect any harsh products; even adolescent acne should be treated gently. She can wash her face with a gel by Bioderma, which removes impurities, softens pores and prevents clogging. The NIP+FAB toner contains salicylic acid, which gets deep into pores and cleans them, whilst refreshing and mattifying the skin at the same time. She can use the Serozinc spray several times a day to soothe and calm her skin. The Q+A serum with azelaic acid is an absolute miracle. It cleanses the skin deeply, soothes and works as an anti-inflammatory. Dermalogica’s cream hydrates the skin without clogging it. And the Heliocare tanning gel is lightweight and prevents the pigmentation of any remaining acne scars. The Burt’s Bees lip balm is the final cherry on the lips!

These work for acne-prone skin:

So, now you know what advice to give your daughter. Even teenage skin deserves a skin care routine. And you already know which one to go with, as well as some great tips on beauty products for teens.

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