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Eyeshadows: Which Are the Best?

June 16, 2022Veronika K.
How do you choose eyeshadows? On the basis of how the eyeshadow colour matches your eye colour, or do you think about other characteristics as well? It’s a good idea to think about how the eyeshadows will behave on your eyelids, what is the best way to apply them and how long they’ll last. I have a great guide to all the different types of eyeshadows for you.

Dry eyeshadow

This type of eyeshadow is the one we’re probably all familiar with. They can be found in every high street chemist or beauty department and are most often pressed into a solid form in palettes. As far as I’m concerned, this kind of eyeshadow palette with your basic colours is an absolute must-have. It provides so many options: you can use just one shade or create several different looks, from natural to more dramatic. 

To apply these eyeshadows, I find it best to use a brush with natural bristles. They are coarser, pick up the eyeshadow better, and are more comfortable to work on the eyelids with. 

TIP: Do you want the most intense colour you can get? Use an eyeshadow primer, then don’t blend the eyeshadow – instead it’s better to pack it onto the eyelids. If you prefer a subtle highlight on the lids, apply a thin layer of translucent powder over the primer – your eyeshadows will blend better.

My favourite palette is the Bourjois Eye Catching – not just because of the perfect colour story, but also because of its swivel mirror. It fits nicely in a smaller handbag, so it’s with me almost all the time.

If you want more shades to choose from, get the Lorac PRO palette, which consists of 18 shades. You can find a whole range of basic colours, and you’ll be able to create some beautiful smokey eye look.

Looking for something bold and colourful for the summer? Then I recommend the Makeup Revolution X Roxxsaurus palette or the NYX Professional Makeup Hot Singles™ single eyeshadows. When else to enjoy funky colours than in the summer? 


TIP: If you’re not that keen on palettes and happy with one basic shade, try the Clinique All About Shadow™ Single. The formula is great and layers nicely, so even with one eyeshadow you can create subtle daytime and bolder evening looks. 


Loose eyeshadow

Dry eyeshadows don’t come in palettes only. You can also get loose eyeshadow that can be matt, but often comes in the form of beautiful shimmery powder. If you try them to liven up your basic makeup look, I bet you’ll be ready to party in minutes.


Oil eyeshadow

Oil eyeshadows are, for example, creamy or gel eyeshadows that differ from dry eyeshadows because of their consistency. They look great on your eyelids, but I wouldn’t recommend them for all-day wear if you don’t enjoy having to touch up your makeup during the day. In warm weather especially, the shadow runs into one of those unsightly lines more easily. You can easily blend it back, but it is still something to bear in mind.

When it comes to application, either try an eyeshadow brush with synthetic bristles or give it a go with your fingers. This gives you a messy yet sexy look.

Do you like glitter eyeshadows? There are plenty to choose from in the beautiful NYX Professional Makeup Prismatic Shadows range. These eyeshadows and their packaging tempt you to apply them with your finger to create a casual beach makeup style.

TIP: If you like the resulting effect of gel eyeshadows, try creating a base with dry eyeshadows for staying power, then apply the gel eyeshadows to the middle of the eyelid or inner corner of the eye. 


Eyeshadow stick

An eyeshadow stick is another way of making it easier to apply a cream eyeshadow. You apply the eyeshadow directly from the pencil and blend it out with your finger. I also recommend the pencil as an important part of a “rescue kit” in your handbag – its packaging doesn’t open and it won’t just melt away. 


Liquid eyeshadow

You may have mistaken this type of eyeshadow for a lip gloss. You can find it in a tube with an applicator, but don’t be fooled and concentrate on your eyes! 

Application is really easy thanks to the applicator. The eyeshadow should dry quickly on the lid, but be careful not to apply an unnecessarily thick layer. These eyeshadows are not the longest-lasting and, like the gel ones, can run on the eyelids or, if they aren’t of the best quality, can create unsightly flecks. For me, they are perfect, for example, for having photos taken.

Waterproof eyeshadow

Finally, I can’t resist one last recommendation, and that is waterproof eyeshadows. Summer is on its way, and I’m sure you’re planning to spend plenty of time in the water. Or not? Don't worry! You’ll really appreciate a waterproof eyeshadow in the summer months, even if you’re rushing around town all day long or have a day full of meetings. It’s definitely one beauty item you should give a chance to in the summer.


How about you? Can you say which eyeshadows are the best for you yet? Or are you going to have to try out a few more first? 

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