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Travel toiletry bags: What you need to pack

June 23, 2022Veronika K.
Summer is in full swing, and that means one thing – deciding where I should go for my summer holidays. But wherever I go, I’m definitely taking an important companion with me – my toiletry bag. What tweaks can you make to fill it to the brim and how do you make sure that nothing spills out on your trips? I have all the answers, and I’m happy to share them!

Choose the right toiletry bag 

The key, of course, is to choose the perfect accessory that fits everything comfortably and is easy to find things in. Some people just need one smaller makeup bag; others (like me) need two decently sized bags. One is for skin and body care, while the other one is for makeup, right? 

My first choice is the Notino Charm Collection makeup case. I can stuff everything I need in there and sometimes I don’t even need a second bag! I can stack all my bottles upright. It has four compartments and even some full-size products can fit inside. 

If you're not a beauty freak like me and are happy with something smaller, I recommend the BrushArt Berry transparent makeup bag. At least you can see where to find what, and it’s very easy to wash. 


And while you’re choosing one for yourself, take a look at your partner’s travel stuff – he may not know it yet, but he’ll appreciate not having toiletries all over his suitcase. The Notino Men Collection men’s toiletry bag is smaller and simple, but it can still accommodate everything he needs. 

TIP: Whilst I’m on the subject of picking out different travel products, I can’t help but mention my favourite – the Notino Classy Collection travel jewellery box. It’s just big enough for the few bits of jewellery I take with me, and it has a zip, so travelling with it is just so easy. 


Must-haves for every travel toiletry bag 

When packing, I recommend you to decide between two options. One is to get some small reusable travel containers for toiletries, into which you pour your products. The other is just getting the travel-size versions of the toiletries you normally use. 

The only disadvantage of the travel size products is that not every product comes in a mini version.

So you often have to look for an alternative. If you want to make sure you’re travelling with all your favourite beauty products, get the empty Notino Travel Collection reusable travel containers and make packing for your travels easy. Likewise, you can put your favourite fragrance into a refillable atomiser so that you don’t have to get a mini perfume. 

I’m a little bit lazy when it comes to that, so I just look for minis right away. I mainly look for body and hair care products, but also some makeup. They would take up the most space if they were full-size. 

And since this whole packing thing is about going for some sun, I keep that in mind when picking my products. All hair types will appreciate a travel set of the Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Sun Protect products for sun-stressed hair. It includes a shampoo, a treatment and a spray, plus it comes in its own little bag! 

For hair that is already dry or damaged even without being exposed to the sun, try getting a Moroccanoil Repair or Moroccanoil Hydration set. Both sets include four products and come with their own stylish bag. And let’s face it, you can never have too many of those. 

TIP: Want to pack makeup for travel and don’t want to take a full size of almost anything? Well, that’s easy, too. The Shiseido Benefiance set has everything you need for a simple day-to-day sun holiday makeup. For example, there’s an eyeliner, a lipstick and a highlighter, but there’s also a face mask and a serum. All in one neatly packed bag – that's what truly stylish travel toiletries look like. 


How to pack toiletries for travelling 

The last question is how to pack everything so that nothing breaks or spills on the way. I understand that airport or railway station staff don’t care about my favourite highlighter or micellar water – so I have to make sure that nothing happens to them when they’re handling my bags. 


What are the absolute basics? Don’t take anything in poor-quality packaging that could easily open on your journey. Let those products wait for you at home on the shelf. What else can you do so that everything arrives just the way you packed it? 

  • Take some ordinary sticky tape and tape down eyeshadows, palettes, highlighters and so on. They won’t open and stain the rest of your stuff.
  • If you take a toner, cleansing foam or anything liquid with a cap, try stuffing the cap with cotton wool and taping it back on after closing. This will ensure that it doesn’t open, and even if a little bit leaks out, the cotton wool will stop the flow!
  • I also recommend putting all liquid products separately in a resealable bag.
  • A transparent resealable bag will come in handy anyway! If you’re flying with hand luggage only, you are only allowed to carry liquid products in up to 100ml size. You have to have them all neatly stacked in a clear bag ready for inspection at the airport.
  • Don’t take anything in a glass container – it breaks more easily, and you’ll end up without your favourite product and a bag full of shards.


So, are you ready for your summer holidays or are you still looking for a good-quality makeup bag and a beauty travel kit?

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