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Cosmetics inspired by nature. That is the Polish brand Bielenda which uses top-quality natural ingredients. Anyone who dreams of beautiful skin and hair, while also caring about cosmetic formulas and the environment, will be interested in their products.    Bielenda beauty takes its name after its founder, Barbara Bielenda, a graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry at Gdansk University, who founded the brand in 1990.

Before their release, Bielenda products go through a rigorous dermatological testing and have to show high efficacy. Their exceptionally gentle formulas make them suitable even for people with allergies. Bielenda is also the first Polish brand to start offering products with an extract from the rare Ginkgo biloba tree.   

The wide range of Bielenda products includes skin care, body care and hair care – from face creams, makeup removers and shower gels to Bielenda Sun Care, shampoos and scrubs. Some of the most popular products are Bielenda Magic Bronze self-tanning mousse and Bielenda Magic Water which can be used as a makeup primer, a highlighter or a refreshing product. If you’re struggling with problematic skin, you should definitely take a look at the Bielenda Dr Medica Acne range.

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