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Bruno Banani

About Bruno Banani

Escape the stereotype and express the unbridled part of your personality that longs to stand out. Discover the world of Bruno Banani fragrances which, as the company motto says, are not for everyone. These innovative compositions and the unusual designs will quickly grab your attention. 

The German brand Bruno Banani was founded in the early 1990s and started out by designing underwear. It quickly became known for its uniqueness, quality materials and daring designs as well as an unusual marketing approach. The company entered the fragrance market in 2000 and quickly gained the attention of everyone searching for something unique. Every Bruno Banani fragrance is different and always a bit mysterious.

Confident, spontaneous, or irresistibly seductive? With Bruno Banani Man Eau de Toilette, you can choose who you want to be. On the other hand, the Bruno Banani Pure Woman represents the essence of femininity. It combines subtlety with wild seductiveness and it will captivate everyone around.

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