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About Caudalie

Get the most out of the beneficial effects of grapevine with Caudalie cosmetics which contain all the beauty of the sunlit French vineyards. Their key ingredient is grapeseed extract – the strongest antioxidant in the world that reliably combats signs of skin ageing. 


Caudalie was founded in 1993 by married couple Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas after their fateful encounter with professor Joseph Vercauteren who introduced them to the firming, rejuvenating and protective effects of this exceptional plant. Ever since then, Caudalie has been coming out with one effective product after another. Each one is unique, but they have one thing in common – Caudalie cosmetics always have a purely natural formula that’s friendly both to your skin and the environment.

Try Caudalie products for yourself! The versatility of the cult-favourite Caudalie Beauty Elixir has made it popular with many celebrities, makeup artists and beauty lovers around the world. You might also love the Caudalie Cleaners&Toners exfoliator or the Caudalie Masks&Scrubs mask. Whichever product you go for, you can always be certain that Caudalie cosmetics will turn your daily skin-care routine into a unique, relaxing experience.

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