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Argan oil

Argain oil is one of the most valuable oils in the world, which also makes it one of the most expensive. It is obtained through a very difficult process of pressing the fruit kernels of the rare Argania spinosa tree which only grows in the south-west part of Morocco. Producing 1 litre of argan oil requires the fruit from approximately 4 trees.

There are two types of argan oil commonly found on the market – cosmetic argan oil and oil made from roasted kernels for culinary purposes. Cosmetic argan oil has a golden colour, lovely aroma, and amazing benefits for skin and hair because it contains essential fatty acids, vitamins A, E, and F, as well as carotene – ingredients which prevent premature skin ageing, provide hydration, and have strong antioxidant effects. Argan oil absorbs really fast without creating an impenetrable oily film, and leaves your skin beautifully nourished and smooth.


Characteristics of Argan Oil

Argan oil protects your skin from harmful free radicals and UV light which cause wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. The main benefit of argan oil is the fact that it can be used on face as well as hair and the entire body.

Benefits of Argan Oil for Skin

  • Prevents new wrinkles and signs of ageing, has regenerating abilities.
  • Prevents skin from drying out as a result of external factors, protects skin from UV light.
  • Moisturises skin and smooths out fine lines.
  • Prevents stretch marks, takes care of scars and softens skin.

Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair

  • Takes care of sensitive scalp and gives the hair roots a necessary dose of hydration.
  • Revives dull hair and prevents dry hair from breaking or developing split ends.
  • Takes care of dry and sensitive scalp, reduces itching, nourishes.
  • Gives your hair strength and restores its softness and shine.

Cosmetics with Argan Oil

The precious argan oil has unique nourishing abilities and people have been using it for centuries for its beautifying and rejuvenating effects. It has a pleasant scent and texture and it’s suitable for all skin types since it doesn’t overburden the skin or clog the pores. Argan oil is especially great for mature skin because it restores its elasticity and has a light tightening effect.

Pure argan oil for skin should be applied every day to clean and damp complexion – simply warm up a few drops in your palms and rub in in circular motions. You can also use it as a night face serum. As your morning skin care, we recommend trying an argan oil cream you can also use as a base for makeup.

Use argan oil for hair and scalp at least once a week by massaging it into the skin and using your fingers to spread it down the length of your hair. Argan oil intensely nourishes dry and sensitive scalp and accelerates its regeneration. For your daily routine, try an argan oil shampoo which leaves your hair beautifully hydrated and velvety smooth after every wash.

If you’re suffering from wrinkles, dry skin, and lifeless hair, how about trying a natural miracle that Moroccan women swear by? carries a wide selection of cosmetic products with argan oil – you can try for instance an argan oil cream, body wash, argan oil shampoo, conditioner, lip balm, or an argan oil hair mask!

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